Monday, January 31, 2011

6 Months On...

Well it's been 6 months now that we've been creating the show - it seems like just a few weeks! The show has grown from nothing to the most listened to, non-football related show, on what ostensibly is a football teams radio station. We could not have done this except for the commitment of my fellow co-hosts and you out there listening and getting involved with the show on a weekly basis.

It's gone through some changes, but I've finally hit on a show format which works, allows a bit of fluidity from each host segment, and now can offer more diversity from the music.

But where next?!

Well really, that's up to you listeners. We need more suggestions, support and interaction. Our facebook group links to competitions we run, fantastic prizes to give away for the merest sniff of a comment. We'd love to do more of these, but we need our community to get involved, and get telling people about the show.

Maybe the music isn't quite to your taste? Yet again we value the feedback and suggestions are welcome. As ever, if you want to get involved in the show you can create your own audio reviews and send them in. That would be a goal for 2011 - getting the listeners onto the show and making you want to talk about games as much as we do!

As ever the email address is and our Twitter feed is @fcumbonusround, and thanks for listening!