Thursday, March 17, 2011

Show 30 - All Your Base Are Belong To Us

Show 30 this week brought to you by a full crew - Russ, Chris, Jim and Gus!

This weeks show features music from the game Earthworm Jim originally on the Genesis and SNES, but the tunes are taken from the Mega CD!

In "Whatcha' been playin'" this week Russ admits another Kairosoft iOS game has taken over his life; Chris really takes a dislike to God of War 3, Jim is back and into his Tiny Wings and Gus briefly tries out Halo: Reach.

No reviews this week - we just talk too damn much! More upcoming over the next few weeks, and some BAFTA discussion in a BonusRoundTable.

How do you listen in I hear you cry!?!

The Bonus Round is a weekly radio show pre-recorded and aired every Saturday at 11am and repeated Sunday at 5pm from FCUM radio in Manchester, UK.

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