Thursday, February 17, 2011

3DS Advertising

The Brit Awards were aired this week on ITV1 in the UK - the annual gathering of pop(ish) stars and random drunkards who make up the music industry in order to reclaim some form of glory from their fans and acknowledgement from their peers. Fun. If you like that sort of thing.

What surprised me was Nintendo's first airing of a 3DS ad in one of the commercial breaks - and with no games in sight.

It completely focussed on lifestyle, who to play with, connecting with people, what kind of person you will be if you own one. What happened to the Nintendo of my youth!?

I want them back.


  1. Non-tendo is full of fail. The hours I spent with that SNES makes me disgusted at the way the Nintendo products are spat out nowadays.

    They are very successful though apparently!

  2. Financially successful and successful at widening the audience - TRUE.

    However, the gamers that were with them through the Nes and Snes days surely must feel quite alienated these days - I know I am.