Thursday, February 3, 2011

Show 24 - The 6 Month Show!

Show 24 this week brought to you by Russ, Chris and Gus!

The 6 month show, featuring music by Magnetic Man - Chiptune/Videogame inspired Electro music, Seeing him live in Manchester on Friday 4th!

In "Whatcha' been playin'" this week Russ has more enthusiasm for Pac-Man CE on the iPhone, Chris delves more into his latest bathroom gaming addiction, and Gus has good and seriously bad shooty-bang experiences on the 360.

Up for review is the dastardly Dead Space 2, and we rip apart the 3 platform holders in News.

How do you listen in I hear you cry!?!

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The Bonus Round is a weekly radio show pre-recorded and aired every Saturday at 11am and repeated Sunday at 5pm from FCUM radio in Manchester, UK.

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