Thursday, February 17, 2011

Show 26 - It's a Game of Two Halves

Show 26 this week brought to you by Russ, Chris, Gus and Jim! - It's the fearsome foursome!

This weeks show features music from the game Team Fortress 2!

In "Whatcha' been playin'" this week Russ has more iPhone gaming with Street Fighter 4, Chris is still obsessed with 3rd Person games, Gus takes a brief trip into Rift and Jim plays some browser football manager sims.

Up for review is the 3rd Person Action Game Enslaved by Chris and then the News section will be covering this week in the industry!

How do you listen in I hear you cry!?!

The Bonus Round is a weekly radio show pre-recorded and aired every Saturday at 11am and repeated Sunday at 5pm from FCUM radio in Manchester, UK.

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